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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat Health

It is no wonder, then, that cats are divided into two categories: the indoor cat and the outdoor cat. Depending on the owner and his or her trust of their cat’s intuition and their living environment, the independent cats are afforded the opportunity to roam free. This gives the cat the independence it desires, and in so doing, making him or her happier than if it were confined to indoor quarters. An outdoor cat does carry with it risk, though; the likelihood of the cat dying earlier, due to environmental factors, than it would as an indoor cat is considerably higher.

The indoor cat doesn’t have the same independence, creating a sort of cabin fever effect that can negatively impact a cat’s personality and inborn independent nature. But, the likelihood of a cat living a long life is greatly increased because, of course, environmental dangers don’t factor into its life like it does with the outdoor cat.

But because cats are so fickle and so hard to determine, how do you know the true nature of your cat? Furthermore, what can you do to guarantee the health a cat needs to survive in the quiet confines of your home or out on the range?

With the electronic manual, you’ll find out this and a whole lot more. Things like how to know what your cat’s real needs are, the best diet for your cat, what the perfect environment is for your cat, things you should never do with your cat, the exercise plan that fits your cat, the proper weight for your cat, ways in which to get your cat to form good habits and much, much more.

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