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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cat Biting Off Toes?

Does your cat bite at you, or nip at your heels when you are relaxing in the morning eating your breakfast? For many cat owners this is a daily occurrence but with a few changes you can change how your cat behaves.

Cat biting is one of the most common cat behavior problems right next to cat urine issues. A cat biting at you is seen as an annoyance by many cat owners, but for many it can be a very scary if you have a particularly aggressive cat.

One of things you can do to stop this behavior before it occurs is to start observing your cat's behavior more closely. Many people state that their cats are acting friendly and then just suddenly bite them. Well the truth is your cat is probably giving you subtle clues that it is about to bite you.

For instance, does your cat become more active all of a sudden before biting you? Another thing to look out for is does your cat directly approach your foot? I have found that cats that are in the biting mood move more in a straight line and with their heads down.

If you start observing your cat you can pick up clues about when your cat will bite you. When you are able to do this you need to break your cat's state of mind. You can do this with a spray bottle, a can with some coins in it to make some noise, or just by moving away from your cat.

By studying your cat closer you can tell when they might bite, and if you break the habit enough eventually your cat should stop doing this behavior because it is never rewarded for it.

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